For Teachers

Painting on wall by David Mcphail with call to action for teacher's form

Student Assignments and Projects

We encourage students to use the Library for research and homework assignments. It is helpful for library staff to have advance notice of specific homework assignments. Please complete theword iconFor Teachers Form to let us know about upcoming projects.

If many students are researching a single topic, the Library can place materials on temporary reserve so that they will be available to all students. Please let your students know if you have contacted the Library and we have placed items on reserve for them to use in the Library. We have a wide range of materials for student use, including books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and other reference books, and online databases. Be sure to let us know if assignments are limited to certaitn kinds of materials.

Tours and Visits

We welcome small group and class visits to the Library. If you would like to contact us about a library tour or visit, please call 978-465-4428 for Allison Driscoll X227, Children's Services ; or Emely MacIntosh, Teen Services.

Please remind students to bring their library cards with them whenever they visit the Library. THANK YOU!