Event A Brief History of Old Newbury: Settlement to Separation

December 11, 2018 | 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

In the first ten years of its settlement, the town of Newbury witnessed murders, kidnappings, earthquakes and a plague of caterpillars. The century that followed—marked by religious conflict, Indian uprisings and public scandal— proved no less challenging to the early Puritan community. In 1640, Massachusetts Governor John Winthrop noted, “As people increased, so sin abounded.” Through the turmoil, Newbury's citizens harnessed the region's abundant natural resources and developed a thriving community.

Author and local historian Bethany Groff Dorau introduces the compelling personalities that shaped the history of Old Newbury from its founding in 1635 until 1764, when Newburyport received its independence from the mother town. From the scandalous exploits of Dr. Henry Greenland to the courageous and sacrificing acts of founding families like the Emerys, Dummers and Pikes, A Brief History of Old Newbury provides a captivating glimpse into the verve of this early New England town.

As this talk is expected to possibly exceed our room capacity, we will be handing out free tickets starting at 6:30 pm. Get here early for a fun and informative evening!

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