Library Technology

Public computers are available on the 2nd floor Adult Services Area for adult and teen use. Computers are also available for use in the Children’s Room for our young visitors, and in the Archival Center for research purposes. Most library computers are accessed with a valid MVLC Library card. Other visitors can obtain a guest pass from the Adult Services desk. In order to assure equitable access for all users, daily times limits for public computer use may be enforced for each user.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the building.

Network: [NPL OPEN]. No password.

Public printing is available at the Newburyport Public Library. Please pay a staff member at the Adult Services desk on the second floor.

$0.15/page Black and White
$0.35/page Color


Send your wireless print jobs from home or from your device while in the library.

  1. Go to
  2. Type in our library’s code: 108390
  3. Select your saved file and upload it
    1. If you haven’t saved your file, make sure to do so
  4. Select “black & white” or “color” printing & how many copies you would like to print
  5. Check box for “Accept Terms & Conditions” and press “Continue” to proceed
  6. Enter an email address
    1. The address will be needed to release your print job
  7. Once your print job says “Ready,” head to the printer & enter in your email address to release your print job
  8. Please pay at the desk

32 mb file limit per job.

$0.15/page Black and White
$0.35/page Color

8.5 x 11 paper ONLY

PREVIEW JOBS BEFORE PRINTING. Users will be asked to pay for all printouts due to paper and toner expense to library.

Photocopying is available in the Adult Services area on the 2nd floor. Please pay a staff member at the Adult Services desk. All photocopying is subject to applicable copyright law.

$0.15/page Black and White
$0.35/page Color

The library offers free full-color document scanning for 8.5″ x 11″ paper. The 2nd floor Adult Services area offers (3) flatbed scanners and (1) multi-feed scanner. Please ask staff for assistance.

Outgoing fax service is offered on ‘as-available’ basis at staff discretion during library hours of operation. See 2nd Floor Adult Services staff for assistance.

• $1.00 per page excluding cover sheet
• 10-page daily limit including cover sheet
• Destination number will be tried once daily. One automatic redial attempt if busy
• Library cannot guarantee transmissions
• Written receipt for payment/services rendered only on request
• Incoming faxes not accepted and will be discarded unless related to official library business

In processing fax requests, patron consents to handling of materials via internal library equipment on behalf of patron, with reasonable attempt to maintain patron privacy throughout the transaction.

A microfilm/microfiche reader is available in the 2nd floor Adult Services area, and in the Lower Level Archival Center for research use. Please ask a staff member for assistance.

The Newburyport Public Library offers several assistive technology items, including text-to-speech software, on-screen magnification tools, a portable digital magnifier (available for checkout), and backlit-LED large-type keyboards at most adult workstations. Additional full-spectrum task lights and articulating stand magnifiers are also available throughout the building. Please contact Adult Services staff for more information about assistive technology needs: (978) 465-4428 x242

NPL card on laptop near calendar