Welcome Autumn

New England is home to one of the most visually spectacular seasons: Autumn!

As the leaves change to vibrant reds, yellows and oranges, the smell of Pumpkin Spice Lattes filling the air from insulated coffee cups, and delicious apples are being picked and happily consumed, it’s easy to see why this season is the favorite of many here. Sorry summer!

As the air turns from warm and humid to crisp and cool, many people start the hunt for some good Fall recipes to enjoy. Not only do we have a robust cookbook section in our library and access to countless more thanks to the greater MVLC consortium, we also have an online Culinary Arts resource through Gale databases to help you get started. Simply type in your desired dish, such as apple pie, and find articles and recipes about it. It’s that simple!

Happy Autumn to all!

All about eCards

MVLC is proud to announce that the new MVLC eCard now available to patrons. This card allows the card holder access to online resources provided by MVLC, the state of Massachusetts, and their home library.

Who is eligible?

Any Massachusetts resident who does not already have a library card from an MVLC library is eligible for an MVLC eCard.

How to apply.

Fill out this form.

The system will provide you either a full or provisional library card until it can verify your address. Regardless of the status, you will have access to the online resources.

After a successful submission of the form, patrons will receive an email at the address they provided, giving them their new barcode and PIN and more information about what privileges the card offers them.

Any exclusions?

If you already have a physical library card, you will not be able to get an eCard. You can continue to use your physical library card to access these online resources.

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